Mission on Earth

Hello, my name is Jimmy. I am a self taught jeweler who is on a mission to bring you a piece of my heart.  Each piece I make has the pure intention of showing how grateful I am for life, nature and all the surrounding beauty of the world. 

 Crystals have always resonated with me, and after years of being a chef, I decided to bring you another passion in the form of wearable art.  Everything you see here is completely hand made, one of a kind designs, that’s meant to bring forth good positive energy while being a striking piece of who you are! 

All orders are shipped with a sterling silver chain as well as a glass top display case, so you can show off your investment even when not wearing it.  

All pieces also come with free cleanings for life, should it need it.  Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions regarding a piece or to talk about getting a custom made piece of jewelry! Thank you for all the support!